Dec 28, 2008

Hot Spot - December


I have been to many places in L.A. but nothing tops the American Girl store. If you haven't been, get there fast. (Dec. is when they have there annual sale)

My first experience with the store was when my daughter was five. I went with my sister and my niece and had a blast. We started off in the shopping area where they had many dolls and accessories to purchase. Lots of the dolls are based off a historical period including the Addie doll, the African American. However, I chose one of the "Just Like You" dolls, because the coloring of the Addy doll seemed strange. Picking it out proved to be challenging as well. The coloring was better but the hair (textured brown ) was the kind of hair that tangles easily. "Oh well", I thought, "can't change that". I pushed on and picked out a doll with curly hair and proceeded to the picture studio.

At the studio, we had pictures taken of the girls with their dolls, which were placed on magazine covers. The girls loved it! The pictures came out wonderful and were worth every penny. Our celebrating was cut short due to the American Girl theater show starting. We were treated to a wonderful live performance, in which the African American actress did an outstanding job. This was truly a lively, stellar performance. We all had a great time.

Finally we celebrated my niece's birthday in the cafe, which was outfitted with special seats at the table for your doll. The food was cute (not very filling) and the cake was great. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Where: The Grove
Shopping: 3 stars (AA doll needs better coloring and quality hair)
Activities: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars (High priced, but worth the money)